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Wisconsin: Odyssey Project

Our Projects: Taking Research to Practice

4W is associated with several catalyst projects that span education, health, economic wellbeing, and the arts. Projects can become affiliated with 4W if they meet all three of the following criteria:  1) They address a compelling need related to gender equity and the wellbeing of women. 2) There is strong, identified UW leadership, expertise, and partners. 3) There is potential for scalability and significant impact, in Wisconsin and/or around the world. Whether 4W-initiated or preexisting, these criteria ensure that our 4W projects represent the best of UW-Madison.

Depending on the needs of leaders, 4W supports these change-making projects by offering a welcoming community where shared values can be celebrated, and shared work can flourish. 4W project leaders may also take advantage of our 4W Innovation Grants, strategic guidance, fundraising, advocacy, and social media amplification. Grounded in the lived experiences of women, our 4W catalyst projects are evidenced-based and equity-driven, taking research to practice and practice to scale in Wisconsin and around the world.