4W Yali

2018 Mandela Washington Fellows pose for a photo following a public event titled “Our Africa” at the Pyle Center. (Photo by UW-Madison / Meagan Doll)

4W-YALI Circle

Our Project

The 4W-YALI Circle emerged from the vision and leadership of Kalkidan Lakew, a 2018 UW-Madison Mandela Washington Fellow who returned in summer 2019 to help launch this network. This group consists of over 40 young scholars from across Africa, many of whom engaged with 4W during their Mandela Washington Fellowship at UW-Madison (2016 to current). The goal of this group is to foster gender equity and wellbeing and to provide peer support and leadership development. We engage regularly through online discussion via our 4W-YALI Facebook Group, as well as monthly webinars in which YALI fellows and 4W leaders rotate in sharing their work. PDFs, PowerPoints, and recordings from each webinar will be made available to the public soon.