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4W Grants Program Overview

Our 4W Innovators and Emerging Scholars grants program supports the work of UW-Madison faculty, staff, and graduate students. All people who are working to foster gender equity and wellbeing are eligible to apply. Awards are based on an annual call and panel review, as well as scholar-initiated proposals that are granted throughout the year. This dual approach makes our grants program accessible, highly selective, and responsive to emerging opportunities. 4W grants are made possible through annual support from the University of Wisconsin Women’s Philanthropy Council and gifts from our supporters. Grant recipients become part of the 4W network, where they have access to mentorship, collaboration, leadership development, and resources to deepen their expertise related to gender analysis and wellbeing. 

The 4W grants program not only provides financial resources, but fosters intellectual growth, increased social impact, and professional advancement for faculty, staff, and students. Scholars have gone on to receive extramural grant support and employment opportunities related to work initiated through this program.