Nepal Design & Product Development Intern

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Andares del Arte Popular Artisan Gallery Team Intern

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Days for Girls Outreach Intern in Ghana

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Health By All Means Community Health Outreach Intern in Kenya

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4W Summer 2020 Internship Applications Are Open

All applications are due by February 16th.

Each site comes with a $1000 4W Travel Grant for which there is no application required!

Read about what past interns have to say about their experiences here.

The 4W Initiative partners with the International Internship Program (IIP) to offer summer internships with 4W projects that allow students to make a difference while developing important leadership and job skills. Made possible by 4W gifts, these internships are steered by 4W faculty mentors and coordinated by IIP advisors/coordinators.

Intern Testimonials

“Interacting with these women has helped me become more aware of my own culture and Kenyan culture, thereby enhancing my cultural intelligence-an important skill in the field of global health. I am so grateful for the scholarship that funded this unparalleled opportunity and the support that the 4W Initiative provides the Nikumbuke-Health by All Means (N-HbAM) community.” – Vasuda Kapoor, Health by All Means Kenya, Summer 2019.



“I have been able to see firsthand the problems they and their community face and, together with them, generate solutions that work towards lasting improvements.” -Jake Streeck, Sumak Muyu Ecuador, Summer 2019.

“This funding helped me achieve my goals [including] gaining…deeper cultural opinions on menstrual health and learning how to successfully promote well-being, health and hygiene in a constructive and meaningful way!” – Anna Cash, Days for Girls Ghana, 2018.