UW-Madison students travel to Morocco and Spain for a course on human trafficking.


Social Transformations to End Exploitation and Trafficking for Sex (STREETS) is contributing to the end of human trafficking through education and action research that is grounded in the perspectives and preferences of survivors. STREETS aims to impact communities locally and globally and become an effective voice inthe legal and policy realm. STREETS has been a part of 4W since its inception in 2015, and is supported by the Diermeier Foundation.

Our Project

Our goals to effect change and confront human trafficking are: 1) to develop educational content and training materials related to sex trafficking (grounded in research and survivor perspectives); 2) to become a research to practice bridge between the university and civil society actors working on these issues, including survivors themselves. We promote this work and amplify the efforts of others by: 3) making STREETS a network of global research and partnership opportunities. Finally, we support the researchers and practitioners of tomorrow by: 4) creating internships and mentoring related to anti-sex trafficking work for UW students.