MORE: Money + Relationships + Equality

The MORE (Money + Relationships + Equality) Initiative was created to establish equality for women and men in relationships, family life, and financial decision making, while embracing the central questions of self-worth, purpose, and meaning-making throughout the life course.  MORE was initiated in partnership with the 4W Initiative in 2014, with support from the late Lorna Jorgenson Wendt.

Our Project

MORE educates women and men of all ages, in classroom settings and beyond, with the understanding that full equality for women cannot be accomplished without education and behavior change of the men with whom they partner. MORE is founded on the Wisconsin Idea principles of outreach, research, and education. MORE achieves its goals through an integrated program of research, outreach, and teaching.

MORE uses a research synthesis approach to integrate the best evidence on the study of dual-career marriages; women’s earnings and divorce; financial and relationship self-help guides; the importance of premarital counseling, communication, and support within marriage; the role of community in long-lasting partnerships; and the special challenges of women in non-traditional work and financial situations.

Using this evidence, MORE produces outreach materials available on their informational website, which are publicized in Director Christine Whelan’s press features and speaking engagements. These include: diagnostic tools to help couples learn their money “types” prior to entering a marriage, among other opportunities; accessible workbooks on financial equality and philanthropy at various stages of the relationship. Finally, drawing on research and outreach materials, MORE offers students a valuable education in financial equality through the UW-Madison School of Human Ecology, featuring specialized courses on the intersection of relationships and finances, consumption, and wellbeing.

Additional information and MORE resources can be found on their website. You can also follow them on Twitter @UWmore.