Maria Moreno

Credentials: PhD

Position title: 4W Director of Environmental Health


Maria Moreno, Ph.D. in Anthropology, is a member of the DPLA teaching faculty and co-chair of the Landscape and Urban Studies major who focuses on community-engaged learning, outreach, and scholarship locally and around the world. Trained as an anthropologist, she focused on the relationships between human culture, the environment and holistic wellbeing. Dr. Moreno engages young people, teachers and community members in land-based learning informed by notions of resilience, stewardship, and ethics. During her time at UW-Madison she had served as Associate for Experiential Education for undergraduate Global Health program, she also has long-standing engagement with Indigenous communities in Wisconsin in her role as Faculty Associate for DPLA with Earth Partnership.  She designs and teaches undergraduate courses and develops curricula for outreach programs centered on restoration education. Additionally, Dr. Moreno serves on the Lakes and Watershed Commission, further demonstrating her commitment to community services and environmental stewardship. She leads Earth Partnership Programs in México, Nicaragua, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Puerto Rico. She obtained her doctorate from UW-Madison, a master’s degree from Boston University, and an undergraduate degree from American University. Her service in the Peace Corps in Mauritania and Mali, West Africa, has provided her with valuable insights that inform her work.