Lola Loustaunau

Credentials: PhD

Position title: 4W Director of Labor, Migration, and Community Engaged Research


Lola Loustaunau (she/her/ella), holds BA in Political Science from the University of Buenos Aires, MS, and Ph.D. in Sociology from the University of Oregon and is currently an Assistant Professor at the School for Workers at the University of Wisconsin-Madison and Visiting Scholar at the Federal Reserve of San Francisco.  As a researcher, teacher, and activist, Dr. Loustaunau has led multiple research projects focusing on job quality, public policy, and collective organizing, particularly focusing on women migrant workers. She relies on community-based participatory action methodologies and has produced public interest research with different community and worker organizations. Her work has been published in Labor Studies Journal, Industrial and Labor Relations Review, and Sociological Perspectives. Her current research analyzes the experiences of women migrant workers employed in the food processing industry, particularly looking at the health and well-being impacts of their work, and their experiences of collective action.