UNESCO Paper — Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children: Dane County Needs Assessment

In 2011, due to increasing reports of Dane County girls exploited for sex by adult males, this study was conducted to promote early identification of domestic minor sex trafficking victims and effective intervention in order to divert victims away from more years of trauma. Published: March 2020

Shira Rosenthal Phelps and Jan Miyasaki

File: FINAL-Commercial-Sexual-Exploitation-of-Children-Dane-County-Needs-Assessment.pdf

From the Inside Out // De Adentro Hacia Afuera

View the voices and artistic expressions of people around the world that bear witness to the many ways that COVID-19 has impacted us hoping to create as well a collective vision for the future. Published: Spring 2021

A Project by the 4W Initiative University of Wisconsin-Madison & Meninas Cartoneras. Edited by Carolina Espinoza, Sarli E. Mercado, Olivia Dahlquist, Lori DiPrete Brown. Translated by: Lori DiPrete Brown, Sarli E. Mercado, and Carolina Espinoza

File: INSIDE-OUT-MAQCOMP-210407-compressed.pdf

From a Three-Legged Stool to a Three-Dimensional World: Integrating Rights, Gender and Indigenous Knowledge into Sustainability Practice and Law

The authors explore sustainability through the inclusion of women and youth in climate change response strategies and evaluate the utilization of a model that integrates human rights, gender equity, and Indigenous and local knowledge while doing so. Published: November 16, 2020

Lori DiPrete Brown, Sumudu Atapattu, Valerie Jo Stull, Claudia Irene Calderón, Mariaelena Huambachano, Marie Josée Paula Houenou, Anna Snider, and Andrea Monzón

File: sustainability-12-09521-v2.pdf