Annette Hornischer / Fellows Spring 2017 / Aili Tripp / 2017 01 19

Women and Peacebuilding in Africa

Project Background

UW Madison’s Center for Research on Gender and Women is part of a three-institution consortium on women and peacebuilding. The research addresses three themes: Inclusion and Exclusion of Women in Postconflict Governance; Women Activists’ Informal Peacebuilding Strategies; and Women’s Legal Rights as a Site of Contestation in North Africa. Funding is provided by the Carnegie Corporation and the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Dr. Aili Tripp is working with eight researchers on the study, which aligns with the UW-Madison and 4W UNESCO Chair on Gender, Wellbeing and a Culture of Peace. In an interview, Dr. Tripp discussed the importance and purpose of the project:

“[Q]uestions of political inclusion have not been extensively researched in predominantly Muslim countries that have suffered from extremist violence. Yet women and advocates of women’s rights have not only been among the first attacked by extremists, but they have also been among the most ardent opponents of this type of extremism. Women’s rights activists are often the staunchest advocates not only for women’s rights but also for broader democratic, legal and social reforms…We plan on using our findings and policy recommendations to engage policymakers at the international and national level in these countries as well as to provide opportunities for women’s rights activists and scholars to interact around these issues with one another.”