Devaleena Das, PhD

Program Review Committee Member


Devaleena Das earned a Ph.D in postcolonial and feminist studies of space and corporeality in Australian Women’s Writing from the University of Calcutta (2012). She received a Foreign Endowment Fellowship (2009) at the University of Queensland, Brisbane for her Ph.D dissertation. Before moving to the University of Wisconsin-Madison to complete her postdoctoral research on corporeal feminism (2014-17), Das was an assistant professor of women’s literature at Jesus and Mary College, University of Delhi (2012-14). Prior to joining UMD, she taught transnational feminist studies at Northern Arizona University (2017-18). As a transnational feminist scholar, her pedagogical concern in classroom teaching is to demarginalize feminist praxis, by confronting the narrow dichotomies of academia vs activism, theory vs method, and individualism vs collaboration.

Affiliations: Honorary Fellow, Institute for Research in the Humanities, University of Wisconsin-Madison; Lecturer, Women’s and Gender Studies Department at Northern Arizona University.

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