Olivia Dahlquist

4W Intern

Olivia Dahlquist is the 4W Initiative Intern and a senior at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Olivia is pursuing the Community and Nonprofit Leadership major in the School of Human Ecology, as well as certificates in Global Health and Gender and Women’s Studies. She has recently returned from a semester abroad in Florence, Italy where she studied Renaissance Art History. Olivia also completed a field study in the Mukono District of Central Uganda where she examined public health infrastructure and facilitated mobile health clinics in various communities. Olivia joined the 4W team because she is interested in a career in women’s health and she believes wholeheartedly in the inclusive and collaborative approaches that 4W takes to achieving equality and empowerment for women.

To contact Olivia Dahlquist please e-mail her at: odahlquist@wisc.edu