Lori DiPrete Brown, MSPH, M.T.S

4W Director

Lori DiPrete Brown is the Director of the campus-wide Women and Wellbeing Initiative (4W). Lori began her career as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Honduras, where she lived and worked in a residential program for teenage girls who had been orphaned or abandoned during childhood. Her subsequent work has taken her to over 13 countries, where she has focused on providing quality health care and social services that address the needs of women, children and all people who are in highly vulnerable situations. Recently, she spearheaded inter-disciplinary 4W initiatives related to micro-enterprise and women’s wellbeing, and a local to global effort to address the trafficking of women and girls for sexual exploitation. Professor DiPrete Brown holds degrees from Yale College, the Harvard School of Public Health, and the Harvard Divinity School. After 10 years at UW-Madison she feels that she is part Badger also! Lori blogs about global health and social change, and has written a novel about her work with young women entitled Caminata: A Journey.

Affiliations: Associate Director, Global Health Institute; Women In Science; The Declaration Project.

To contact Lori DiPrete Brown please e-mail her at: dipretebrown@wisc.edu