Christopher Olsen

4W Director of One Health

Christopher Olsen is Professor Emeritus of Public Health in the School of Veterinary Medicine (SVM) and Director of the Graduate/Professional and Capstone Global Health Certificate programs in the Global Health Institute and the School of Medicine and Public Health. He is also a program faculty member in the MPH program and has previously served as Associate Dean for Academic Affairs in the SVM, Vice Provost for Teaching and Learning for UW-Madison, and Acting Director of the Global Health Institute. Dr. Olsen’s research has focused on public health aspects of influenza in animals and the viral and host factors that control transmission of influenza viruses between animals and people.  He has strong educational interests in zoonotic infectious diseases, in building bridges between the veterinary medical and human medical professions, and in promoting a cross-disciplinary One Health approach for global and public health.

Affiliations: School of Veterinary Medicine; Global Health Institute

To contact Christopher Olsen please e-mail him at: