4W Programs: Taking Research to Practice and Practice to Scale

Through an array of intentionally selected programs, 4W leverages the strengths of higher education to make positive social transformation a reality. University-based scholars bring knowledge, skills, and evidence about what works into practice. They also help organizations assess the impacts of their work, learn from challenges, and apply learning to replicating and/or scaling up good practice.

4W programs work with all women from a range of socioeconomic and social contexts, including poor farmers in Kenya, historically marginalized women in Wisconsin, and philanthropists from around the world. In all of these settings, we work with women and communities directly. We also provide support to organizations that seek to use the tools of research to understand the impacts of their programs and plan for improvements that incorporate and privilege the perspectives of women. 4W programs begin with the lived experiences of women and support women to move from suffering, to subsistence, to thriving; we believe that thriving is possible for everyone.

4W is developing an evidence-based, participatory, and holistic framework to understanding wellbeing. This model guides our dialogue with women around the world and related research and program development.

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4W Programs: Bringing Research to Practice and Practice to Scale

How does a program become part of 4W?

Programs can become affiliated with 4W if they meet all three of the following criteria:

1) They address a compelling need related to the wellbeing of women;

2) There is strong, identified UW leadership, expertise, and partners; and

3) There is potential for scalability and significant impact.

Whether 4W-initiated or preexisting, our projects represent the best of UW-Madison. Depending on the needs of the project leaders, projects are supported through strategic guidance, innovation grants, fundraising, and advocacy support.