4W Awards

Through generous support from UW alumni and other friends of 4W, we are able to recognize and directly support the efforts of UW-Madison faculty, graduate students, and undergraduates on an annual basis.

4W Women’s Philanthropy Council Innovation Award

The 4W Innovation Award allows faculty and academic staff members to devote time to developing a key initiative related to women and wellbeing. Projects provide benefits to faculty and students, enhance gender equity in communities (locally or globally), and have a research-to-action focus. This award is made possible with the support of the Women’s Philanthropy Council.

4W Women’s Philanthropy Council Engagement Grant for Emerging Scholars

4W Engagement Grants for Emerging Scholars are intended to flexibly support graduate and professional students who are engaged in research related to women and wellbeing. Projects have a research-to-action focus aimed at enhancing gender equity locally or globally.

4W Wisconsin Without Borders Award

The Wisconsin Without Borders (WWB) Awards Ceremony recognizes the work of students, faculty, staff and community partners that demonstrates excellence in collaboration between the university and local and global communities. The WWB Award recognizes initiatives improving quality of life issues for women, and promoting excellence in areas related to gender and wellbeing, both locally and globally.

4W Women and Wellbeing Internships

This program supports both graduate and undergraduate students to complete summer internships with mentorships from 4W Leaders in sites including India, New York City, Nepal, and Ecuador. We look forward to expanding the program to Ghana, Malawi, Kenya, and beyond.